Bishop Chane speaks out for Farm Bill

As the United States Senate began floor debate on the nation’s Farm Bill, Washington Bishop John Bryson Chane and five other faith leaders spoke at a news conference November 6 calling for Senators to pass a Farm Bill that creates a “new covenant” with rural America and people living in deadly poverty around the world.

According to Episcopal Life Online a new ad was unveiled at the news conference, signed by 26 Episcopal bishops, calling for the Senate to pass several key amendments to the Farm Bill designed to restore “the moral foundation” of a bill that was created by Congress in the 1930s as a “covenant” with rural America and people in need.

“Congress created the first Farm Bill to be an expression of the character of America and a covenant with farmers rooted in fairness, equity, and opportunity for all,” said Chane. “Today’s Farm Bill has strayed far from this vision, benefiting primarily large, rich farms while adding to the struggles of hard-working family farmers and exacerbating deadly poverty around the world.”

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