Bishop Gulick on “pastoral generosity”

We here at the Episcopal Cafe reported yesterday that the work directed by General Convenation regolution C056 has begun. Ruth A. Meyers, the Chair of the the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music reported that work has begun the work directed by Resolution C056, “Liturgies for Blessings.”

Today, Bishop Gulick, of the Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky, has issued a statement which interprets the term “pastoral generosity.”

Bishop Gulick releases statement interpreting “pastoral generosity”

By the Communications Office of the Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky

Here’s an excerpt:

If the conscience of the ordained minister allows, private liturgies of blessing and support and public services of the Eucharist in thanksgiving for the covenanted, lifelong, monogamous realities of these committed relationships can be held in the churches of our diocese.

It was not the consensus of our meeting that we were of sufficient clarity to have public blessings at this time. Some of the reasons for this would be that there are no official liturgies approved for such blessings, that the civil authority of the Commonwealth does not recognize same-gender marriage, that there has been a call within the Anglican Communion for restraint on such liturgies, and that there remain many loyal Episcopalians who are not ready to welcome such rites as a normative part of Episcopal Church life.

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