Bishop Smith, blogger

The Rt. Rev. Kirk Smith, bishop of the Diocese of Arizona will be reporting from the Lambeth Conference via his new blog Lambeth Daily.

According to his welcome message:

Bishop Smith and Laura will be traveling to the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury England from July 10 to August 4, 2008. This blog has been created to communicate with the folks back home in the Diocese of Arizona about what is happening day to day at the Conference.

Check each evening starting in July for a daily update as well as pictures and videos!

The blog will become more active once Bishop Smith goes to England. In the meantime he is posting some background information.

Read it here.

Other bishops’ blogs may also have comments and insights into their lives at Lambeth.

Christopher Epting, Episcopal Church Ecumenical Officer.

Charles Jenkins, Louisiana.

George Councell, New Jersey.

Mike Hill, Bishop of Bristol.

Robert Duncan, Pittsburgh

Dorsey Henderson, Upper South Carolina.

Marc Andrus, California.

David Chillingworth, Bishop of St. Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunbane.

George Packard, Suffragan for Chaplaincies.

Peter J. Lee, Virginia.

James Stanton, Dallas.

Province of Brazil

Larry Benfield, Arkansas

Andrew Doyle, Texas.

Carol Gallagher, assisting in North Dakota.

Pierre Whalon, Episcopal Churches in Europe.

If your bishop has a blog – add it in the comments.

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