Bishop Smith nominated for election to Louisiana

June Butler (Grandmère Mimi) posted news that Bishop Michael Smith, the present bishop of North Dakota, and one of the seven bishops who recently traveled to Lambeth Palace to meet with the Archbishop of Canterbury, has been entered the discernment process for the upcoming election in the Diocese of Louisiana where Bishop Charles Jenkins is retiring.

Butler quotes Smith in a letter to the Diocese of North Dakota:

“As you know, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity of serving as a part-time assisting bishop in Louisiana the past two years. After Bishop Charles Jenkins announced his resignation, a number of laypeople, deacons and priests of that Diocese approached me about the possibility of being nominated. Initially, I thanked them and shared my reservations about whether God was calling me to serve in that capacity. Then other bishops from around the church with ties to Louisiana began to encourage me to accept nomination. “

Read the full article here.

Do read the comments too. Bishop Smith interacts with June on the blog in an untypical manner for those entering into bishop election processes.

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