Bishops absent from House of Lords vote

Dave Walker displays his incisive cartoon skills in this explanation of why only two of the twenty five bishops in the House of Lords voted on the amendment to allow civil partnership services in churches.

Here’s how the bishops voted:

Bishop of Bath and Wells

Bishop of Blackburn

Bishop of Bradford – Against

Bishop of Bristol

Archbishop of Canterbury

Bishop of Chester

Bishop of Chichester

Bishop of Durham

Bishop of Exeter

Bishop of Gloucester

Bishop of Hereford

Bishop of Leicester

Bishop of Lichfield

Bishop of Lincoln

Bishop of Liverpool

Bishop of London

Bishop of Manchester

Bishop of Newcastle – For

Bishop of Norwich

Bishop of Ripon and Leeds

Bishop of Salisbury

Bishop of Southwark

Bishop of Wakefield

Bishop of Winchester

Archbishop of York

The Bishop of Winchester, the Right Rev Michael Scott Joynt, was unable to be present due to “unbreakable prior commitments”. He told Ruth Gledhill, “I regret enormously the vote last night.”

The presence of the bishops last not pivotal as the amendment was by a vote of 95 to 21. When their vote is pivotal, as in defeating the new equality law, they turn out in numbers.

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