Bishops Against Gun Violence

Episcopal bishops against gun violence have a new web site according to a Tweet from Bishop Nick Knisely


The Bishop’s against Gun violence website has gone live! Please take a look. This is important.

A list of member bishops and conveners is here.

Who We Are

We are an ad hoc group of more than 30 Episcopal bishops who have come together to explore means of reducing the appalling levels of gun violence in our society, and to advocate for policies and legislation that save lives.

Our group is convened by Bishops Mark Beckwith of the Diocese of Newark, Ian Douglas of the Diocese of Connecticut and Eugene Sutton of the Diocese of Maryland, and includes more than 30 Episcopal bishops from across the United States.

From the website:

What We Do

We work against gun violence by:

Forming relationships and coalitions with interfaith colleagues, fellow advocates, and families whose lives have been touched by gun violence;

Giving voice to voiceless gun violence victims through public liturgy, advocacy, and prayer; and

Supporting one another in our efforts to end gun violence in our communities.


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