Bishops in the press

The Washington Post: Some U. S, Bishops reject Anglican gay rights edict

Bishop Steven Charleston, president of the Episcopal Divinity School: “I would be willing to accept being told I’m not in communion with places like Nigeria if it meant I could continue to be in a position of justice and morality.”

The San Francisco Chroncle: Same-sex edict worries Bay Area Episcopalians

Bishop Marc Andrus: “I’m resolved that we’re not going to turn our backs on any members of the diocese. If we have unity where we have hollowed out our moral core to achieve it, then it’s a hollow victory. … I don’t think we can build our unity on a foundation of injustice.”

The Hartford Courant: Episcopal leaders expect Anglican schism

Bishop Andrew Smith of Connecticut: “If the Council of Primates is asking us to undo what we have already done, that is a step many of the [American] bishops would be unwilling to take.”

The Los Angeles Times: U. S. Episcopalians react to church ruling.

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