Blessed with the angels

Daily Reading for October 27

The peaceful host sings a melody with the loudest of sounds

clearly about the holy high seat of God,

blissfully bless the best of rulers,

the blessed with the angels sounding in unison thus:

“Peace be to you, true God, and the power of wisdom,

and to you be thanks who sit on the glory throne. . . .”

These are the words, as the writings tell us,

the song of the holy ones whose hearts

hasten to heaven, to the merciful God

in joy of joys, where they bring to the Measurer

the winsome fragrance of words and deeds

as a gift in that great creation,

in that life in light. May praise always

be given him forever and ever, and splendor of glory,

honor and authority in the upper

Kingdom of heaven. He is King in righteousness

of middle earth and the glory of his might

wound around with wonder in the beautiful city.

The author of light has allowed us

to earn here on earth,

win with our good deeds gaudia in heaven,

where we may with the King maxima

seek and sit in the high seat,

live in love, light, and peace,

possess the mansions of magnanimous joy,

enjoyed blessed days without end,

and sing him praise of perennial laud,

blessed with the angels. Alleluia.

From The Phoenix, quoted in Anglo-Saxon Spirituality: Selected Writings, translated and introduced by Robert Boenig, in the Classics of Western Spirituality series (Paulist Press, 2000).

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