Blessing of the blackberrys

The Roman Catholic Church may have the Red Mass for the legal profession, but now the Anglicans can consider doing Plow Monday with a new information worker twist. A vicar in “The City” has taken an old custom of blessing the tools of farmers in a new direction by blessing the tools of the modern worker, their laptops and their phones.

“The Rev. Canon David Parrott blessed a symbolic heap of laptops and smart phones on the altar of London’s 17th-century St. Lawrence Jewry church Monday. An effort, he said, to remind the capital’s busy office workers that God’s grace can reach them in many ways.

‘It’s the technology that is our daily working tool, and it’s a technology we should bless,’ Parrott said.

[…]Parrott said the blessing ceremony was an update of a traditional back-to-work ceremony called ‘Plow Monday,’ in which villagers gathered to bless a symbolic farming implement dragged to the church’s door. Parrott said that ceremony didn’t have much relevance for his church, which was ‘nowhere near a field in the middle of London.'”

From here.

Here’s hoping the odd iPhone qualifies too…

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