Blogging bishops and other Lambeth resources

The internet will be buzzing with blogging bishops, some with flip phones for videoblogging, during the Lambeth Conference. Here is your one-stop shopping for blogs by bishops and others who will be involved in the Fringe events or reporting on the every 10 year event. Bookmark this page for easy reference. Click on the name to find the site.

In addition to the bishops listed below, you’ll want to follow The Lead, Live from Lambeth with our editor in chief, Jim Naughton.

Bishops blogging Lambeth

The Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson, Diocese of New Hampshire

The Rt. Rev. Kirk Smith, Diocese of Arizona

Lambeth Journal Episcopal Life blog featuring the following bishops:

Sean Rowe of Northwestern Pennsylvania (lead blogger)

Laura Ahrens, Suffragan of Connecticut

Marc Andrus of California

Larry Benfield of Arkansas

Sergio Carranza, Assistant of Los Angeles

Neff Powell of Southwestern Virginia

Bavi Edna “Nedi” Rivera, suffragan of Olympia

Jean Zache Duracin of Haiti

Other bishops with active blogs

The Rt. Rev Alan Wilson, Area Bishop of Buckingham, Church of England.

The Rt. Rev. Christopher Epting, TEC Ecumenical Officer.

The Rt. Rev. Charles Jenkins, Diocese of Louisiana.

The Rt. Rev. Mike Hill, Bishop of Bristol, Church of England.

The Rt. Rev. James Stanton, Bishop of Dallas.

The Rt. Rev. Dorsey Henderson, Bishop of Upper South Carolina.

The Rt. Rev. Marc Andrus, Bishop of California.

The Rt. Rev. George Packard, Bishop for Chaplaincies TEC.

The Rt. Rev. David Chillingworth, Bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane, Scotland.

Province of Brazil by the Rev. Francisco Silva, Provincial Secretary, Province of Brazil.

The Rt. Rev. Chilton Knudsen and The Rt. Rev. Stephen Lane, Diocese of Maine.

The Most Rev. Mauricio Andrade Province of Brazil.

The Rt Rev. Pierre Whalon, Churches in Europe TEC.

The Rt. Rev. Wayne Smith, Diocese of Missouri.

The Rt. Rev. Michael Hough, Diocese of Ballarat, Australia.

The Rt. Rev. Porter Taylor, Diocese of Western North Carolina.

The Rt Rev Larry Benfield, Diocese of Arkansas.

The Rt. Rev. Bob Duncan, Diocese of Pittsburgh.

The Rt. Rev. Tom Ely, Diocese of Vermont.

The Rt. Rev. Greg Kerr-Wilson, Bishop of Qu’Appelle (Canada)

The Rt. Rev. David Rossdale, Grimsby, UK:

Other sites more or less going all-Lambeth for the next several weeks:

LGBT Anglican Portal / Lambeth 2008, information gateway to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Anglicans at Canterbury during the Lambeth Conference.

epiScope Episcopal Church news site.

Newsline Episcopal Church site for the Press.

Dave Walker, Official Cartoonist for the Lambeth Conference and Church Times blog editor.

Did we miss any blogging bishops? Let us know.

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