Blogging the Compass Rose meetings

The Rev. Rick Lord of the Diocese of Virginia has been blogging from the meetings of the Compass Rose Society in Canterbury.

Note the prominent role played by at this meeting by members of the Windsor Continuation Group, a group put together by the Archbishop of Canterbury to accomplish no one is quite sure what. The only thing that can be said with any certainty about this group is that not one of its members supports gay ordination. As a result Anglicans who favor gay ordination are understandably suspicious of its power and its pronouncements. The Rev. Lord quotes Bishop Clive Hanford, the chair of the group as saying that trust has broken down within the Communion. But Hanford himself has played a role in breaking down this trust by supporting the formation of a separate Anglican province in North America for those who would like to break from the Episcopal Church. Why exactly should Episcopalians trust a man with those views?

The Rev. Lord has two entries on the wisdom of Rowan Williams. These might wear a little thin on readers who have noticed that for all his brilliance, Williams’ bottom line throughout this controversy, which he helped create by nervously convening an emergency meeting of the Primates in October 2003, has been that gay people must suffer for the sake of the Communion.

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