Breaking blog news: Change is gonna come

Some time in the next week or two, Daily Episcopalian will undergo a significant change, from a stand-alone blog to one element of a larger site, and from a one-person enterprise to group-effort supported by almost two dozen writers and editors, and an as-yet-unknown number of visual artists.

Our aspiration is to create a visually appealing, intellectually stimulating, spiritually enriching and at least occasionally amusing site where Episcopalians and those interested in our Church can reflect upon contemporary life in a context informed by faith and animated by the spirit of charity.

Our aim is frankly evangelical. To the extent that we can speak intelligently, passionately, persuasively and truthfully, to the degree that we can manifest wisdom, humility and genuine concern for those we disagree with, we will succeed in drawing Episcopalians more deeply into their faith, and in persuading those without a spiritual home to explore our Church.

The new site will still feature plenty of news and commentary on events in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, but will cast its nets more broadly, featuring more writing on spirituality, peace and justice initiatives and popular culture

The site that will appear in the next two weeks is a pilot version of the site we ultimately hope to produce. It will feature text, art and a few audio/visual meditations, but won’t yet include podcasts and video clips. We are still attempting to raise the money that would allow us to incorporate those features, and I’d be interested in any leads you might have.

I hope to have more details, and maybe even a launch date, in a few days. Thanks to everyone whose visits to Daily Episcopalian have persuaded me that there is an audience for the new site.

Jim Naughton

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