Breaking: VA Court rules CANA must leave by April 30

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From Twitter: Henry D.W. Burt ? @SecDioVA

Court rules that CANA congregations must leave by April 30. #DioVa

The case information is here.


From Falls Church News-Press:

Judge Bellows also ruled that all personal property — including all furnishings and cash assets — shall also be conveyed to the Diocese, and that cash assets be based on the amount on hand as of January 31, 2007. The CANA attorneys had argued for a demarcation date in December 2006, when a majority in the congregation voted to defect from the national Episcopal church …

Judge Bellows was slated to rule this afternoon on the issue of the “Historic Falls Church” trademark, suggesting this morning that if the CANA group wants to keep the name, it would have to add “Anglican” to it.


Henry D.W. Burt ? @SecDioVA

The CANA congregations must turn over the value of investment funds as of the demarcation date, not just the funds as is today. #DioVA

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