Brewing up church community

Back in the day Episcopal Church congregations used to organize themselves into Foyers groups (small dinner groups) to find ways to get to know each other, and maybe to invite someone new into the congregation. These days congregations are looking for new ways to connect. In Hamilton-Wenham Mass. two priests are leveraging their interest in home brewing into a way to build community:

“[The priests] both began the Home Brew Ministry around the premise that a Reverend should build their ministry around what they enjoy, in this case the hobby of home brewing. D’Angelo has been an avid home brewer since his college years.

About 25 people gathered at Christ Church in Hamilton on Saturday, Jan. 29 to learn the fine art of home brewing. And it wasn’t all men either – there were women in attendance that enjoyed participating in the process of how to cook the beer and then sampled different brews.

‘My wife Naomi was one of the women in attendance,’ Gray said. ‘We had a great time. It was almost like a date afternoon.’

[…]Gray hopes it offers an entry point into the church.

‘Coffee hours at church’s are really important, but you only get to know someone on a certain level,’ Gray said. ‘I think whether it is a church softball team, or a dart team which we are looking at starting up as well, you get to know people on a deeper level.’”

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