Bringing the injustice of sexual abuse to light

The Rev. Becca Stevens, in The Tennessean, writes that all of us can help women and girls rise above oppression. From her article:

Thistle Farms is working to flood light into the national conversation around sex trafficking so that the secrecy, power and consequences of untreated child abuse will be consistently acknowledged at a national level. We want communities to work with the men arrested for solicitation and move past guilt and shame into healing.

The conversation around trafficking needs to move into the light and begin the practical work of providing survivors necessary housing, education, treatment, community and economic independence. Toward this purpose, Thistle Farms is hosting a national conference, Welcome to the, in Nashville on Oct. 13-15. Almost 30 states will be represented as we network and offer all our small rays of light in residential community and social enterprise.

Together we will make a light powerful enough to change the present economic, political and residential offerings to women survivors. This will be a time to share knowledge, hear from women survivors, and help small communities around the nation open new residences and social enterprises.

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