Bus slogan contest


The atheist bus advertisements are causing quite a stir, and have even resulted in Christian bus advertisements in response. The Faith and Theology blogger Ben Myers has decided that it is time to have a contest for the best slogan in response to the atheist advertisements:

Over in the UK, the atheist bus campaign has been attracting a lot of media interest. Some Christian groups have chimed in with their own (predictably humourless) rival ads, and there have been various theological responses as well.

So anyway, I reckon it’s time to settle this dispute once and for all – and what better way to resolve age-old metaphysical questions than with a caption contest? I’ll send a free book to the person who invents the best bus sign. (You get bonus points if your sign persuades someone to change their deepest beliefs.)

So be sure to head the Ben’s blog to enter theological the contest (but be sure to let us know your idea here as well.

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