Butler Bass takes questions on USA Today’s ‘faith forum’

Diana Butler Bass is the guest host at the USA Today forum on Faith and Reason today. Your can ask her questions about her research and what she is thinking about now. She says she will haunt the site and answer questions all day. She says her main topics are vital mainline churches and “beyond liberal and conservative” but people can ask about anything they want.

Here is the USA Today write up:

Is mainline Protestant Christianity — which includes denominations such as the United Methodist Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Episcopal Church — dying away in America?

Statistically, the mainline has declined by the millions in recent decades. But church historian Diana Butler Bass makes a contrary case: That it is thriving despite the odds. She once told me,

Mainline congregations have a beautiful world where they are enacting service, doing justice, learning to pray and caring for one another. And no one seems to realize they are there.

Do you agree? Ask Bass yourself — and learn more about the dimensions of faith in practice in the USA now. I’ve invited Bass to be today’s guest host on the Faith & Reason Forum. She’s the first of several guest experts who will host the Forum while I’m away this week.

Here’s the link.

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