Café contributor on Jeopardy

The Rev. Kit Carlson of East Lansing, MI, a Café contributor, “asked the questions” on Jeopardy this week as she follows a family tradition of joining the TV gameshow.

WILX television reports:

You could say being on “Jeopardy!” is in Pastor Kit Carlson’s DNA.

“My cousin did this in the ’80s and he won five days in a row. My mother used to tell me ‘You should go on that show, you should go on that show, you’re just as smart as your cousin,” Carlson, known to her congregation as “Pastor Kit” tells News10.

Well, that game-show family tree is growing Monday night, as the pastor from All Saints Episcopal Church in East Lansing makes her TV debut.

“The game was great,” she says. “The game had categories I really, really knew, but the worst one was Ancient Greek Writers where I knew every answer and could not buzz in, it was making me crazy! I kept saying, ‘I know that! I know that one too!!'”

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