Canterbury writes the Primates

The Archbishop of Canterbury has written a pastoral letter to the Primates of the Anglican Communion.

I am tired of pointing out that the Anglican Communion has no body authorized to promulgate the “formal standard of teaching” that the archbishop keeps referring to, so let’s focus instead on how quickly he wants to establish the Pastoral Council that will work with the primatial vicar recommended by the Primates. He is asking for nominations for chairman of that council by March 16.

I continue to have questions about whether any body other than the General Convention has the authority to authorize our participation in the vicar scheme, and would be delighted if someone could persuade me one way or the other. Until otherwise persuaded, I’ll argue, just for the heck of it, that because the General Convention holds primatial authority, and the vicar scheme calls for a delegation of that authority, the decision must be made by General Convention.

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