Captain of angels, Savior of souls

Daily Reading for November 21 • The Last Sunday after Pentecost: Christ the King

The Father of angels,

the true King of victory, will call a synod,

the Lord of retainers, to judge with righteousness.

Then all people on earth will

rise up as the almighty King will

command, the captain of angels, with the sound

of trumpets over the wide abyss, the Savior of souls.

Dark death through the Lord’s might

will end for all the blessed. . . . .

Bones will be gathered,

limbs and body together and the life’s spirit

before Christ’s knee. Gloriously the King

will shine with the saints from his high seat,

the beautiful jewel of wonder. . . .

Thus the noble ones are

the winsome plants with whom the wild bird

set out a new nest for himself

so that suddenly it surges with fire,

is swallowed up under the sun with himself in it,

and then after the flame again accepts

life, renewal. So everyone in the race of man

enfolded in flesh shall be

unique and young again, he who here

works his own will so glory’s King,

mighty at the judgment, will be mild to him.

Then the holy spirits will speak out,

the steadfast souls raise a song

clean and chosen, praise the King’s glory,

voice after voice, ascend to glory,

spiced in beauty with their best deeds.

Then the souls of the people will be purified,

brightly polished through the burning of fire.

From The Phoenix, quoted in Anglo-Saxon Spirituality: Selected Writings, translated and introduced by Robert Boenig, in the Classics of Western Spirituality series (Paulist Press, 2000).

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