Carbon emission reduction a moral duty

An Australian Anglican group has released a paper that describes the reduction of carbon emissions as a moral duty.

The Environment Working Group of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia described their Discussion Paper in a news release:

“Reducing carbon emissions is a practical and moral necessity.” The group criticises opponents of a carbon price, saying: “Those who oppose all forms of carbon pricing are discounting the importance of public policy action in the face of substantial risks for all life on this planet. Oversimplified political rhetoric does everyone a disservice.”

“A strategy is needed to move Australia (and the world) to less dependence on fossil fuels. Ensuring that the cost of carbon pollution is accounted for is an essential part of such a strategy.”

The group argues that avoiding responsibility to reduce carbon emissions will lead to higher future costs for everyone through more frequent natural disasters and the loss of jobs to more innovative economies “on track to a sustainable future”.

People living in poverty would suffer most, the group says, and Christians have a role to play in advocating for these people.

“As Christians we are bound by the commandment to ‘love our neighbours as ourselves’, and out of concern and care for our neighbours in Australia and the world, we acknowledge and support the urgent need to mitigate climate change through effective reductions in carbon emissions.”

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