Caring about Climate Change as Christians

This weekend, NPR interviewed Katharine Haynoe, an atmospheric scientist and researcher at Texas Tech University. As a devout Christian, she has spent the last few years travelling around to different churches and faith groups, to explain why climate change is an issue worth caring about.

Part of her work, as she describes it, is attacking the notion that climate change is a hoax, but a bigger part is framing climate change as an issue of faith.

Heyhoe says what Christians often question about climate change is if God is in control, how could this happen? Another argument she hears is the idea that humans could change climate threatens the sovereignty of God.

“The answer to that is pretty simple: It’s free will,” she says. “God gave us the brains to make good choices and there’s consequences to the choices that we make.”

Listen to the whole interview (it’s good!) here.

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