Carlye Hughes Elected Bishop

On Saturday, May 19 the Episcopal Diocese of Newark elected the Rev. Carlye J. Hughes to be their 11th bishop. 

According to a report from the Episcopal News Service:

The first woman and first African-American to be elected bishop in the Diocese of Newark, Hughes, 59, is currently rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Fort Worth, Texas, in the Diocese of Fort Worth, and was one of three nominees.

Trinity Episcopal Church in Fort Worth is one of the parishes of the continuing Diocese of Fort Worth. 

Her candidate profile for the Diocese of Newark outlines Hughes’ previous ordained work, as well as how her “life and ministry have been influenced and shaped by Christ.” The profile also notes that Hughes is a General Convention Deputy who serves on both the Task Force for the Study of Marriage and the Task Force for Racial Justice and Reconciliation. 

When asked for comment, the Rev. Amy Haynie, Clergy Associate at Trinity Episcopal Church in Fort Worth and a contributor to the Episcopal Cafe, said:

“I’m so excited for Carlye+ and for the Diocese of Newark. Carlye is amazing priest and she has been an incredible boss and mentor for me. She encourages everyone on the staff to be the very best we can be. She is so confident, authentic, and excellent at everything that she does, that she is not afraid to allow everyone else to be confident, authentic, and excellent at what we each do. She sets high expectations and expects the best results in a way that is loving and playful, even when failure occurs. There is no way I could be happier for Carlye+ and David as they make the transition to Newark, and I will be watching to see how an excellent diocese becomes even more under her cure.”

Pending consent, the consecration service for Hughes is set for September 22, 2018 at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark.

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