Category: Speaking to the Soul

Abyss of wonders

The cross is the abyss of wonders, the centre of desires, the school of virtues, the house of wisdom, the throne of love, the theatre

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“Do not cling”

In the garden Christ gently but deliberately says to Mary Magdalene, “Noli me tangere.” “Do not touch” is a misleading translation that deprives us of

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Living in expectation

April 14 Practicing resurrection means living in openness. It’s a vulnerable attitude. Jesus invites Thomas to examine his wounds—come and see the ugliest thing you

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Practicing Resurrection

April 13 Wendell Berry, the great environmentalist poet-theologian, has written a piece about somebody he calls a “mad farmer” who goes around shouting, “Practice resurrection!”

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In on the joke

April 12 This is where it gets scary. The resurrection only makes sense as God’s “showing his hand” about the meaning of the cross. So

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The last word

April 11 Easter joy focuses then on why God would do this unique thing to Jesus, something that by definition only he could do. If

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The shock of the tomb

April 10 Many of those who are skeptical about the story of the empty tomb and take the stories of Jesus’ appearances as legends opt

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A loose thread

April 9 I found a loose thread in the sleeve of my jacket the other day and hesitated to pull it off in case it

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