Celebrate World Labyrinth Day

The first Saturday in May has been declared World Labyrinth Day.

A press release from The Labyrinth Society states:

The Labyrinth Society has declared the first Saturday in May as World Labyrinth Day a global day of celebration of the labyrinth with an invitation to walk a labyrinth at 1PM around the world, in your local time zone. The first annual World Labyrinth Day will be celebrated on May 2nd, 2009.

World Labyrinth Day has been established as a day for bringing people from all over the planet together… World Labyrinth Day is a vehicle for informing and educating the public, hosting walks, building permanent and temporary labyrinths, making labyrinth-related art and more.


The Washington (DC) National Cathedral holds labyrinth walks each month. Directions for walking are as follows:

There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth. Some people walk with the intention of addressing an issue in their lives, others to pray and meditate. It is helpful to pause before you enter to center your thoughts on your intention.

Walk between the lines of the circuit, being aware that you are sharing the labyrinth with others. You may pass other walkers, or let them step around you. When you reach the center you have entered the most sacred space in the labyrinth. The center is a place to pause, reflect, and receive insight.


Walking the path back out of the labyrinth is a time for deep reflection and a chance to consider what it might mean for your daily living.

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