Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral resigns amidst reaction to Occupy London protest

The website of St. Paul’s Cathedral has posted the news that The Reverend Canon Dr Giles Fraser, Chancellor, has resigned from his post.

Canon Fraser, a former Vicar of Putney who took up his post in June 2009, informed the Dean and Chapter colleagues of his decision today.

A statement has been made by the Bishop of London on the resignation of Giles Fraser.

I heard, with regret, the news of Giles Fraser’s resignation from the Chapter of St Paul’s this morning and I have now contacted him. His is an important voice in the Church and I have offered to meet him immediately to discuss how we can ensure it continues to be heard.

This seems to stem from an apparent split with The Dean and some within the Chapter over the response to Occupy London.

The following has already been featured on Episcopal Cafe’s The Lead:

The BBC reports that Giles Fraser’s resignation threat relates to “use of force” rather than the taking of legal action to remove the protestors. h/t Thinking Anglicans.

The Times is reporting that Canon Dr. Giles Fraser will resign if the Cathedral moves to evict Occupy London protesters:

…Dr Giles Fraser, who is responsible for the cathedral’s relations with the financial institutions of the City of London, is understood to be prepared to quit should it take legal action against the 200 tents forming an increasingly permanent-looking settlement on its land.


A resignation from Dr Fraser would make him a martyr for the anti-capitalist cause and prove hugely embarrassing to the cathedral and the Church. If the cathedral does not try to oust the protesters, however, it will be forced into the humiliating position of reopening with the tents still in place, or remaining closed for months — putting events such as the Remembrance Day services at risk and losing the cathedral about £16,000 a day in tourist revenue.

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