Chapel destroyed and priest threatened

News is starting to be received of a significant escalation in the conflict between a Brazilian Anglican priest and his congregation and a group of wealthy land owners. According to reports, employees of the land owners used heavy construction equipment and gunfire to destroy the chapel of an Episcopal Church at Primeiros Passos Camp near the Brazilian city of Cascavel.

From the report, which is published on blog of the Secretary General of the Anglican Province of Brazil, the Rev. Francisco Silva.

“The intimidation occurred in a context of serious tensions between landowners and social organizations. The Episcopal Church and fellow Christian’s churches are firmly defending and supporting the Movement of Landless People in the west of the Paraná state. The Episcopal priest in the area is the Revd. Luiz Carlos Gabas, and he is supporting the families in build a school(also destroyed at the attack)  for children and the chapel. The chapel was planned to be dedicated on May 18 and was built with great effort by the whole community.

The destruction of the chapel becomes even more symbolic because it represents a clear message from landowners against the Church.

The Rev. Luiz Carlos Gabas has been suffering intimidation from great landowners as a consequence of his pastoral position in favor of the landless people. settlers camp with which holds a pastoral work recognized by the whole community. A group of 150 families are living in a settlement waiting for legalization of the area. After clear evidences that the Rev. Gabas suffered intimidation the State Commission on Human Rights inserted him into a program of witnesses’s protection.”

Read the full report here.

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