Christ Church, Savannah GA regains property

The Diocese of Georgia announces the transfer of Christ Church, Savannah GA in this Press  Release  

The Episcopal Diocese of Georgia

611 East Bay Street

Savannah, Georgia  31401


FOR  IMMEDIATE  RELEASE  December  12,  2011  

Christ Church Episcopal  Takes  Possession  of  Property  

With a transfer of keys, historic Christ Church on Johnson Square in Savannah came back into the possession of Christ Church Episcopal.  Earlier today, Mimi Jones and Margaret  Miller, the top lay leaders with the Episcopal congregation met privately with Joan Malley, the Parish Administrator of the departing congregation, where Malley handed off the keys to the property, in keeping with the recent ruling of the Georgia Supreme Court. Once the keys were in hand, the wardens walked silently into the church to pray. After a time of prayer, other members of Christ Church Episcopal arrived and were met by the Rev. Michael White, the parish’s rector, to pray at the altar before beginning work.

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