Christian message of hope was lost in new Archbishop’s comments

Simon Barrow takes the new Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster to task for his Good Friday comments complaining about televised condom ads in Britain. And another bishop for calling for a ban on television watching to protest the lack of properly religious themes in the shows being aired.

Barrow rightly wonders at whether or not something more fundamental about the message of Christianity might have been shared instead.

As he points out:

It does nothing to commend the church, let alone the Gospel message, to the vast majority of people. Instead, it creates the impression (and perhaps the reality) of a self-obsessed, moralising institution which hasn’t noticed that it doesn’t have the right to run the television or entertainment industries.

Meanwhile, the world is being tormented by violence, injustice and ecological destruction: questions which connect very directly with the divine confrontation with all that divides and destroys… the essence of the message of the Cross.

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