Christian publishing hasn’t seen the last of Tim LaHaye

Sigh alert: fat-cat writer/dispensationalist Tim LaHaye is set to release an offshoot brand of his top-selling Left Behind series.

Religious publisher Zondervan (a HarperCollins imprint) crowed on Friday:

Three years after the success of the Left Behind final installment, LaHaye returns to publish Edge of Apocalypse, an apocalyptic epic infused with political intrigue ripped from today’s headlines, the first book in a new series called The End.

“I’m thrilled to partner with Zondervan to produce a series hopefully even more innovative than Left Behind,” said LaHaye. “While my past works have piqued interest in biblical prophecy on a global level, The End series includes many prophecies that were not covered in Left Behind.”

Edge of Apocalypse jumpstarts the series as military-hero-turned-inventor Joshua Jordan attempts to save Manhattan from two nuclear missiles. Using his Return to Sender military defense system, Jordan finds himself facing an unbearable ransom to the nation he loves. As tensions escalate and global alliances topple, only Jordan and a secret group known only as The Patriots can save the United States from terrorists abroad and traitors within. Set in the very near future, The End series chronicles the earth shattering events which eventually lead up to the Rapture and the beginning of the prophesied Last Days of mankind.

One blog commenter opined:

One question we should ask, once we are through being so morally outraged that Zondervan would even consider publishing this material (why is anyone surprised?) is why is no one offering a biblically legitimate and theologically sound alternative that is readable and engaging?


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