Christmas wishes

We have a few Christmas wishes here at the Café and wonder if you would like to add your own in this open thread for Christmas.

Here are few of mine:

“I wish for more schools in the diocese of Kajo-Keji, Southern Sudan.”

“I pray for David who walks to church in Easton from his group home in Philipsburg every Sunday morning, every Wednesday evening. May he find in our parish not only the sense of community and belonging that he longs for, but the peace of Christ within it.”

A friend sent this along to us: “may you have fierce joy and the Christmas you need.”

Here are Jim’s: For my older son, I wish that he will get into the college he most wants to attend; for my younger son, I wish that the February musical, Pirates of Penzance, goes well; for the Bokamoso Youth troupe from South Africa, I wish another succesful visit to Washington, D. C. next month; and for the Cafe’s wonderful readership, I wish grace, in abundance.

Torey says:

I wish that Advent Conspiracy creates a real movement over the next decade.

I wish that all the “unhappy divisions” upon which we report today will become sustaining and transformative for successive generations in the church.

I wish that those whose souls suffer at the holidays will not be forgotten.

Please add your own Christmas wishes in the comments. And, in the spirit of Christmas, please no jabs disguised as wishes.

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