Church prays for LeBron to stay with the Heat

bruikylcaaakayz.jpg.CROP.rtstoryvar-large.jpgThe Root notes Episcopal Church that is praying for LeBron James to stay with the Miami Heat:

A group of fans desperate for James to continue his career with the Miami Heat has created a Twitter account (@BandForBron) to get the four-time NBA Most Valuable Player to keep his talents in South Beach, according to the Bleacher Report. The account is asking fans to tweet a photo of themselves wearing a headband—LeBron is notorious for playing while wearing a headband—and using the hashtag #BandsForBron.

ESPN West Palm, the creator of this movement, is encouraging fans to tweet photos of themselves, their children and even their pets wearing sweatbands in signature LeBron fashion.

Participants took the campaign to another level Sunday when congregants and clergy of Holy Spirit Episcopalian (sic) Church in West Palm Beach, Fla., wore headbands and dedicated part of their service to “King James.”

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