Church-wide discernment before September 30th

Episcopal News Service reports that the HoB Theology Committee has put together a process to information and response from the whole of the Episcopal Church prior to their September meeting:

“The Theology Committee of the Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops on June 1 released a study document aimed at helping the bishops respond to the requests made to them by the Primates of the Anglican Communion.

…Theology Committee chair and Alabama Bishop Henry Parsley told Episcopal News Service that the report is meant for bishops to use in conversation with the people of their dioceses in the three and a half months between now and the mid-September meeting of the House of Bishops in New Orleans. Rather than call for responses from individual Episcopalians, Parsley said the committee will in late August and early September gather input from bishops on the result of their conversations in their dioceses.

He said the committee hopes that Episcopalians will ‘read, mark, inwardly digest and then come talk’ about the document with their bishop.

‘Every diocese will have to do that in their own way,’ he said. ‘We didn’t want it to be an individual thing. We wanted it to be a diocesan, corporate process overseen by the bishop.'”

This process seems to be in addition to the responses being collected by the Episcopal Church Executive Council which are due by June 4th.

Read the rest here, along with links to the documents: Episcopal Life Online – NEWS

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