Churches make prayer beads for troops

Beads link prayers

Women create strands of comfort for troops

From Tulsa World

Strewn across a large table are clear bags filled with beads in multiple shades of blue, purple, green and red. Every Thursday, a group of about six to eight women at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church sits around the table and strings the beads together to make prayer beads to send to soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The group started making the prayer beads in March after one of the women read about a project called On Beads of Prayer that started at St. Alban’s Church in Washington.

Several churches from across the country now make prayer beads for the project, but St. Luke’s was the first in Oklahoma, said Betty Rheingans.

So far, the women have made more than 400 prayer beads, which resemble rosaries. Each set has five larger beads called crucifix beads that separate three sets of seven daily beads.

More about Anglican Prayer Beads at the King of Peace Church’s (Kingsland, Georgia) website

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