Churches start giving financial advice

With the downturn in the economy people are struggling to learn how to manage their finances in a new and difficult setting. A somewhat surprising turn of events has significant numbers turning to their local churches to find support and advice.

CNN is reporting:

“Programs that teach debt elimination, financial literacy and money management are gaining popularity among the faithful who are seeking some stability in the midst of uncertain times.

[…]Khalfani-Cox, who provides [such a] program free for churches, said she is hearing from places of worship, both big and small, nationwide who want to offer resources to their members.

‘In faith-based communities, if you ask pastors across the country, many will tell you that attendance is up; however donations are down,’ said Khalfani-Cox, who is known as the Money Coach. ‘People are turning to the church for help, whether it’s help making their mortgage payment, putting in a prayer request, assistance in finding a job or just getting practical, day-to-day strategies for managing debt.'”

Read the full article here.

Is your local congregation using these sorts of programs to help folks who are suddenly struggling? (Ours is one of a number here in Phoenix so doing.) How has the response effectiveness been so far for you?

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