CO Springs CANA vestry on the indictment of rector

The website of St. George’s Church in Colorado Springs, member of CANA, has a response to the Grand Jury findings against their rector, Don Armstrong:

“A Grand Jury, which serves as a tool for the Police and Prosecutors, has issued indictment against Father Armstrong for the long standing accusations of the Bishop of Colorado against him.

“As representatives for the vestry leadership of the parish we are grateful this lengthy investigation is now concluded and that we will after over three years of accusation be able to defend our priest and ourselves from these untruths.

“We are undaunted by these attempts to silence our parish’s stand for biblical truth and find ourselves in God’s economy to be thriving under these constant attacks by the Episcopal Church.

“We are looking forward to having a judge and jury determine the merits of this allegation and are confident in the ultimate outcome. We know from our own thorough investigation that Father Armstrong has done nothing wrong and will be found innocent. We are equal to the task of setting the record straight.

“We are grateful that the individuals with financial oversight, responsibilities, and check writing authority through the years from both churches have not been indicted.

“While this case is pending, the church will continue to function as normal and continue preaching and teaching the good news of God in Jesus Christ; the rector and the parish will continue to speak out on theological issues and advocate for orthodoxy.

“As Christians we are called not to enter into these sorts of processes against one another, and so we will not initiate investigations or seek prosecutions on those who disagree with us or have had financial authority over the years, especially the 1990’s, including those who remained Episcopalians and have advocated for this investigation against our rector.

“While the theological split and our departure from the Episcopal Church is now permanent, our church welcomes others to worship with us, even including those who have participated in our persecution.”

The Episcopal Diocese of Colorado provides background on the case here

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