CoE traditionalist full of fudge, wants the buildings

Ed Tomlinson, a priest in the Church of England who is considering Rome’s offer writes about the upcoming debate on women bishops:

“Men only” bishops will be created who can only function when “normal” bishops agree. It represents an ecclesiology as ludicrous as it is sexist because anyone willing to write to a female bishop pleading spiritual oversight has already granted her the authority they claim she does not have! But then this is offered on grounds of expediency not cogency. Expect synod to grab it after a show of noisy indignation from both sides!

As an Anglican priest likely to accept Rome’s offer I urge Synod to think again. We reach a crossroads and clarity is vital if pain is to be kept to a minimum. Either the Church of England wants to profess the revealed faith or one being revealed through innovation. So set your course that your members might know where they stand.

In truth the continuing desire to consecrate women is answer in itself. So I urge no provision at all but sincere commitment to release buildings and funds to those whose future lies elsewhere. Stop fudging, it no longer works, and what you are going to do, do quickly. Amiable separation is preferable to an abusive, damaging union.

People are free to leave, buildings belong to the church. Right?

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