Comedy Central’s JC

This Reuters article provides a synopsis of a controversy brewing over an animated program about Jesus that may or may not air on Comedy Central:

Comedy Central — the same TV network that managed to both anger and bow to Muslim sensibilities in April by airing and later censoring a “South Park” episode portraying the Prophet Mohammad — is now at the center of a pre-emptive storm over plans to develop a comedy show about Jesus.

A new coalition of family and religious groups Citizens Against Religious Bigotry has called on Comedy Central not to air the animated series “JC” and asked advertisers to refuse to sponsor it.

The show, billed as being about Jesus trying to live as a regular guy in New York City, is still in the development stage, is not on the air yet, and has not yet been given a green light by the network.

Still, Parents Television Council president Tim Winters called the series offensive, labeled Comedy Central as bigoted and said he was fed up of Hollywood “using the notion of being offensive to everyone as cover” for its comedy targets.

I have no particular thoughts about this show. But people who favor boycotts are just too lazy to engage in the scorn and ridicule necessary to sink programs they don’t like while protecting the right to free speech.

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