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We’ve just finished a few major projects in the diocesan communications office, and will soon be turning our attention to updating this blog. As you have probably noticed, we still call it The Blog of Daniel, although the television show The Book of Daniel is no longer on the air. That will change soon. We also hope to include audio content in the not-too-distant future. And perhaps we will have some new partners to help provide content.

As step one, though, we are going to do what is easiest to do, which is to ask you to register to post comments here. When the blog first started, and our principal purpose was to capitalize on the attention generated by The Book of Daniel, we were happy to publish remarks from just about anybody. But now that the blog has been up for awhile, we thought it was a good time to build a little accountability into the commenting process. So if you are intersted in sharing your thoughts with us, please click the “Comments” button at the end of this entry, and sign up.


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