Company caters to churches on the go

A Michigan company aims to grow its business selling kits to create worship space in less than a couple of hours. The kits congregations to set up shop without buying real estate or managing buildings. Offerings include a stage, audio, video and lighting equipment, “similar to what a band on tour might use to setup in arenas and civic centers, according to USA Today:

The kits … are part of a trend that has been fueling growth at Portable Church Industries in Troy, which manufactures and sells the equipment that religious organizations across the country use to turn schools, movie theaters and other places into temporary houses of worship.

“A church has a huge impact on the community,” said Kendra Malloy, marketing director for Portable Church, who pointed out that that a key aim of the private company is to help churches expand. “Our job is to figure out all the parts and pieces they need to make that work.”

Portable Church, which started in 1994 and has annual sales of less than $10 million, has been growing steadily. This year, the company estimates it sold about 200 portable churches — and its new CEO, Scott Cougill, said he seeks to boost sales by 10% to 15%.

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