Connecting believers and proclaiming the Gospel

Helen Thompson (one of our Daily Episcopalian essayists and a member of The Lead’s news-team) was interviewed this week by Mark Brown, the CEO of the Bible Society of New Zealand. In the interview Helen discusses her work as a social media strategist and how Christian witness is adapting and using new tools online.

After a conversation about her background, there’s a mention of the relatively new Anglican Cathedral in the online world of Second Life, Helen’s tips for bloggers, and this observation:

“I’m starting to see social groups form as people realize how much they have in common, no matter where they are geographically. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate connecting with other people in my peer group through this medium, because there are so few of my peers at my actual church. All of these areas are places we can focus on as we figure out our own identity as Anglicans in Second Life, and I’m particularly gratified that we’re not worried so much about the politics of the Anglican Communion and more about the message of Christ’s Love.”

Read the rest here.

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