Court limits scope in Virginia property case

Judge Randy Bellows ruled yesterday on some intermediate issues in the property dispute between the Diocese of Virginia and 12 CANA congregations. It is the latest in a series of rulings. The trial remains scheduled for October with a hearing on August 22 regarding the scope of the trial given the court’s decisions issued yesterday. For context check our related posts at the end of this post, but, in short, the Virginia case is unique due to the state’s Reconstruction-era “church division statute” 57-9.

The Diocese has issued this statement:

Court Limits Scope of October Trial

While we are disappointed in today’s ruling, we are committed to exploring every option available to restore constitutional and legal protections for all churches in Virginia. Meanwhile, we look ahead to the October trial and the issues to be considered in the fall.

The Diocese remains firmly committed to ensuring that loyal Episcopalians, who have been forced to worship elsewhere, will be able to return to their Episcopal homes. Generations of Episcopalians pledged themselves to the Diocese in order to ensure a lasting legacy of Episcopal faith and worship in Virginia.

The CANA congregations have a statement here.

October looks to be busy. Today the California Court scheduled oral arguments for October 8 in its Episcopal Church property cases.

From the diocesan property dispute news page:

Court Finds Contracts Clause Inapplicable; Denies Diocese’s Assertion of Waiver by CANA Churches

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