Covenants, tiers, etc.

If you read my earlier entry “Against Anxiety,” you may be interested to know that the “blueprint” for a two-tiered covenant that Jonathan Petre of the Daily Telegraph in London rather too mysteriously referred to in his story on recent developments in the Communion is now online.

And Geoffrey Cameron, deputy secretary general of the communion has written a letter to the editor responding to Petre’s story which includes this nugget:

“The potential for a covenant arrangement to entail a difference between those who might wish to sign and those who might not is recognised as a complication, and consideration of this challenge will have to form part of that exploration.

That is a long way indeed from saying that the Communion is preparing for a two-tier approach and further still from saying that the Archbishop of Canterbury backs it.”

I haven’t read “The Proposal for an Anglican Covenant,” yet, so I’ve got nothing to say about it. But I encourage knowledgeable readers to weigh in.

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