Further puzzling developments:

The Living Church magazine is reporting that the Church of Nigeria may have violated its canons in electing the Rev. Canon Martyn Minns, rector of Truro Church in the Diocese of Virginia as a missionary bishop.

According to those canons “eligible persons to the episcopate must belong either to the Church of Nigeria or a diocese in communion with it,” the report says. “The Church of Nigeria broke communion with The Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Virginia after the Rev. Canon V. Gene Robinson was consecrated Bishop Coadjutor of New Hampshire in 2003.

Meanwhile, the Church of England Newspaper is reporting that:

“Conservative leaders in the United States have responded coolly to the election of one of their own as missionary bishop of the Church of Nigeria to oversee congregations in the United States. The bishops of the Anglican Communion Network have remained silent over Canon Martyn Minns’ election, with several hoping he will not to accept the proffered office on the grounds that it would violate the Windsor Report and place the conservatives at odds with a friendly Archbishop of Canterbury.”

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