Curry: “It’s Time to Speak Up”

In an interview with Axios on HBO which aired earlier this week, the Presiding Bishop says that it is time to speak up about racism and the need for police reform.

“I believe in this country and what it stands for: freedom, justice, equality,” the Most Rev. Michael Curry said in the interview. “Those are ideals worth standing for. And when they are challenged, we must speak up.”

…”There have been dramatic changes in American society,” Curry says. “I can assure you that in the late 1960s, Michael Curry wouldn’t have been presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church.” Since then, he said, Barack Obama has served as president.

“But this law enforcement and excessive brutality on the part of police and the structures that have and continue that, that has not changed dramatically and significantly.

“Most cops are good cops. They’re good people who get up and go to work and most of them want to do good. But there are a few who are a problem. But the systemic issue is, the few are often protected and allowed to continue. And there needs to be real accountability built in.”

The full episode, including this interview, is available to watch on HBO’s streaming platforms.

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