D025 passes the House of Deputies

Resolution D025 passed the House of Deputies and will be sent to the House of Bishops. The vote was 77-31 in the lay order and 74-35 in the clerical order.

The resolution was co-sponsored by the Rev. Dr. Ruth Meyers of Chicago (and the Chicago Consultation) and Rebecca Snow, a veteran deputy from Alaska.

The text of Resolution D025 is here. It is a response to Resolution B033 of the 2006 General Convention.

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My sense is that the resolution doesn’t repeal or rescind B033, which in any event urged but did not compel. Rather it expresses the fact that we live now in a new reality. It does not so much pave the way for the election of another bishop in a same-sex partnership as it does remove an artificial impediment to our ongoing discernment on this issue which may, just may, resume diocese by diocese.and case by case.

I think the resolution will face a much tougher climb in the House of Bishops.

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