Da Vinci Defecit

A couple of months ago, I was intensely interested in how the Da Vinci Code was being marketed, and the various strategic maneuvers of Opus Dei, which is portrayed negatively in the film, and Sony, which was trying to co-opt possible Christian opposition, by offering people a public forum in which to debunk the book.

But as the release date (Friday) approaches, I find that I just don’t care enough about the movie, or whatever reaction it will inspire. The case against this silly, disingenuous story has been made so often and so well that I don’t feel that I have anything additional to contribute. And my hunch is that there is very little danger that any thinking person will leave the theater and say, “That’s it. I am leaving the Church.”

I would be really tickled, though, if the new X Men (X Characters?) movie, which my 11-year-old is anticipating with Christmas-Morning/Birthday-party caliber delight, were to beat it out at the box office.

If you need a Da Vinci fix that I haven’t provided, visit religionheadlines.org where you will find no fewer than 9 stories from various papers, magazines and television shows.

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