Deacons’ organization announces new name

The Association for Episcopal Deacons (AED) is the new name of the group formerly known as North American Association for the Diaconate (NAAD):

From the Association for Episcopal Deacons’ April 26, 2011 Press Release:

April 26, 2011

Association for Episcopal Deacons;

Deacons’ Organization Announces New Name

Association for Episcopal Deacons (AED) is the new name of the organization for Episcopal deacons formerly known as the North American Association for the Diaconate (NAAD). The new name was officially adopted at a meeting of the AED Board of Directors in March. The Association for Episcopal Deacons is the professional association serving the approximately 2,900 deacons throughout the Episcopal Church.

According to Deacon Pamela Nesbit, newly-elected president of AED, the name was changed in order to better reflect the organization’s mission within The Episcopal Church, which is active in 16 nations around the world.

In addition to its mission to provide a broad range of informational and educational resources to deacons and those interested in or studying for the diaconate, AED has also expanded its vision to engage the diakonia of all believers, recognizing that all Episcopalians are called by our Baptismal Covenant to serve the marginalized in Christ’s name.

Among the recent initiatives of the Association for Episcopal Deacons are:

The Seven: A part-time, 10-month hands-on spiritual and educational exploration program for young adults (18-30 years old) who want to engage in meaningful work and reflection in their communities while discerning their own vocational calls in

mentored relationships with Episcopal deacons.

A Latin Experience: A program for deacons, or those in formation for the diaconate, to spend time sharing in the lives and ministries of deacons in the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic. In this way the Association is orienting its members to the culture and gifts of our sisters and brothers in Province IX.

A Statement on Engaging the Diakonia of All Believers, based on work done by the Lutheran World Federation in a statement titled Prophetic Diakonia: For the Healing of the World. As the Association expands in the way it encourages the diakonia of all believers, the Board has endorsed this statement as one for the whole church to engage. The statement urges all members of the Body of Christ to recognize the ways in which they are called to Christ-like service.

A Domestic Poverty Initiative, which is mobilizing interested deacons and others to create and expand local programs to combat poverty through the sharing of information and resources. This is the Association’s response to Resolution A155 from the 2009 General Convention.

The Association maintains a website at and also publishes a journal, Diakoneo, and an online newsletter, Deacon Update which are available through the website.

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