Dead Sea scrolls available online

Anglican Journal reports on the high-tech photos of the Dead Sea Scrolls now available online:

Jerusalem—The Dead Sea Scrolls, which include the world’s oldest known biblical manuscripts, are now available online through a cooperative effort between the Israel Museum, where they are housed, and Google.

The Dead Seas Scrolls Digital Project, launched on Sept.26, will allow users to examine the Second Temple-era manuscripts at an unprecedented level of detail, the museum said in a press release.

According to the release, five Dead Sea Scrolls have been digitized so far, including the Great Isaiah Scroll, the Community Rule Scroll, the Commentary on Habakkuk Scroll, the Temple Scroll, and the War Scroll. Search queries using Google send users directly to the online versions.

Look at the Great Isaiah Scroll – check out this Sunday’s Track Two reading, Isaiah 25:1-9.

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