Deadline nears for nominations to Standing Commission, other governing bodies

[July 23, 2012] Now that the 77th General Convention has concluded, the work of the Church continues.

There is still time to submit a nomination to the General Convention office for clergy and lay volunteers to serve on committees and commissions of the General Convention and committees of the Executive Council.

All members of the Episcopal Church may serve on Committees of the Executive Council and Standing Commissions of the General Convention. Membership on Joint Standing Committees of the General Convention is limited to deputies of the 77th General Convention.

The work of these bodies is guided by resolutions passed by the General Convention, called the Acts of Convention, as well as resolutions passed at meetings of the Executive Council, held three times a year.

Appointments will be made by the President of the House of Deputies, the Rev. Gay Clark Jennings. The term of appointment will depend on the committee or commission.

Deadline for nominations is August 1. Nominations may be submitted for oneself or for someone else who has agreed to be nominated. Nominations will only be accepted online.

To complete and submit the nomination form:

Nomination form in English:

Formulario de nombramiento en español:

For more information contact the General Convention Office at

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